BF4 Settings Editor 1.0 released!

We have now released version 1.0 of our BF4 Settings Editor. This is no longer a preview release, and the program has been updated to function with the full release of Battlefield 4 instead of the Battlefield 4 Beta. Be sure to update to the latest version!

Here is the full list of changes for this version.


  • Updated to work with the full release of Battlefield 4.
  • BF4 Settings Editor will now offer the user the option of automatically copying their settings over from the Battlefield 4 Beta.
  • The program window is now resizable. The last used window size will be saved and remembered for the next time the program opens.
  • You can now export your Battlefield 4 settings back to the older Battlefield 3.
  • When importing/exporting settings from/to Battlefield 3, the Battlefield 3 settings files will now be scanned for errors. The user can decide whether to have these files automatically repaired.
  • Added support for the following settings:
    • Award messages.
    • Game mode messages.
  • Added support for the following key bindings:
    • All spectator key bindings.
    • All vehicle aim relative key bindings.
    • Toggle minimap.
    • Menu.
    • Menu / Scoreboard (hold).


  • Updated the default settings to match those of the full release of Battlefield 4. The default settings have been changed since the Battlefield 4 Beta.
  • Removed the “Off” option for the texture filtering setting, as this has been removed in the full release of Battlefield 4.
  • Fixed an issue with the joystick sensitivity setting, where it would be using a range of 0-1 instead of the expected 0-5.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging certain sliders to zero would cause them to become disabled.


  • Improved the look and feel of the GUI.
  • Moved the scoreboard, full map, and zoom minimap key bindings from the Common tab to the Infantry, Vehicle, Jet, Helicopter, Gunner, and MAV tabs. This matches the in-game menu and the way the controls work in the full release.

You can download version 1.0 from our downloads page. Please try it out and give us your feedback. We’ll continue to support this program with updates, along with our other tools. Please report any bugs that you find to us, and we’ll do our best to fix them quickly.

We have been working hard on some other great features, such as the ability to easily share configurations with others online via a special code, as well as the ability to set multiple key bindings for the same control. These features are very near to completion, but unfortunately they weren’t ready in time for the release of Battlefield 4. Stay tuned and expect another update to BF4 Settings Editor soon!

Thanks, and enjoy!