Monthly archives: June 2012

BF3 Settings Editor and Battlelog Standalone updates coming soon!

We have been getting a lot of emails and comments recently regarding problems with our BF3 Settings Editor and Battlelog Standalone tools, caused by the recent updates to Battlefield 3 and the Battlelog website.

Rest assured that we have big updates for both of these tools in the works, and they will be released soon. See the screenshot below for a sneak peek of Battlelog Standalone 2.0!

Battlelog 2.0

Battlelog Standalone 2.0 will feature many requested improvements such as the ability to minimise to the system tray, zoom the page, hide the toolbars to maximise space, and more! It will have full hardware acceleration, and will also offer the user a choice of which web browser core to use: the engines of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will both be available.

Finally, we apologise for the long wait — we have been extremely busy with our various projects!