BF3 Settings Editor 2.3 released!

I am pleased to announce that we are now releasing version 2.3 of our BF3 Settings Editor! This release contains many new features, as well as some important bug fixes. We now have a fix for the jet brake, as well as support for themes and translations!

Here is the full list of changes for this version.


  • Added support for some of the “PROF_SAVE_body” file settings:
    • Subtitles.
    • Hint system.
    • Reload hint.
    • Allow PunkBuster.
    • Aim assist.
    • Network smoothing factor.
    • Animation quality.
    • Physics quality.
  • Added support for the following console settings:
    • DirectX 11.
    • DX Deferred CS Path.
    • Shadowmap resolution.
  • Added program translation support, with the following languages:
    • English (United Kingdom).
    • English (United States).
    • Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan).
  • Added program theme support, with the following themes included:
    • Standard.
    • Dark.
  • Added a toggleable fix for freelook, which removes the need for using the “Freelook (Hold)” button.
  • Added a fix for the jet brake, where you can separately bind the Light Brake and Heavy Brake / Hover controls for jets, without Light Brake staying bound to S.
  • Added a “Fixes” section, where you can read about the included fixes and workarounds for various BF3 problems, including the following fixes:
    • Commo Rose fix.
    • Freelook fix.
    • Jet brake fix.
    • Invert look and flight fix.
    • MAV controls fix.


  • Fixed the mouse axis directions which were the wrong way around.
  • Fixed a bug where rebinding a control to the same axis it was already bound to, but with a different direction, would not be handled properly.


  • When binding an axis to a paired control, you will not receive a message warning you if the paired control is already bound to the same axis (for example, binding look up to the Y axis when look down is bound to the Y axis).
  • Removed the warning message added in version 2.1 stating that BF3 doesn’t let you rebind the mouse wheel, as it now does since the R3 client patch.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Jeremy Wong for providing the Chinese translation that is included with version 2.3. The application will default to the same language as your computer, or to English (United Kingdom) if it hasn’t yet been translated into that language. If you want to contribute by translating BF3 Settings Editor into another language, then please contact us!

Below are two screenshots of version 2.3. You can see the usual Standard theme as well as the new Dark theme that we’ve added.

Dark theme Standard theme in Chinese

You can download version 2.3 from our downloads page. Please try it out and give us your feedback. We’ll continue to support this program with updates, along with our other tools. Please report any bugs that you find to us, and we’ll do our best to fix them quickly.

Thanks, and enjoy!