BF3 Settings Editor 1.0 released!

The first version of our BF3 Settings Editor has been released! This has been tested to work with the current version of Battlefield 3.

BF3 Settings Editor, as you may guess from the name, allows you to customise your Battlefield 3 settings without having to launch the game. This can save you a lot of time, not only because the game can take a long time to load, but also because you need to log into both Origin and Battlelog before you can start it!

Our BF3 Settings Editor also has the advantage of allowing you to tweak hidden settings and go beyond certain limits. For example, the settings menu in Battlefield 3 limits your field of view to a number between 60 and 90; this can be a problem especially for multi-monitor users, who may benefit from a lower field of view. Our editor, on the other hand, allows you to set a field of view from anywhere between 1 and 175!

A built-in profile manager allows you to backup and restore different settings on demand. For example, you might create a profile for all low settings, and another profile for ultra settings. When you first run BF3 Settings Editor, a backup of your settings will be automatically created and listed in the profile manager.

We are still working on this program and will be continuing to release updates for it. Planned features for future versions of our BF3 Settings Editor include the ability to modify your key bindings, vehicle sensitivities, and saved kit loadouts.

Two screenshots of this program are included below. If you would like to see more, then check out the screenshots page on our BF3 Tools microsite.

Profile manager Graphics tab